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D.F.A.K.C. pronouced as "da Facts"
We set out to present the facts (DFAKC)

The Tribal Squawk

The Tribal Squawk-The Black Indian Freedmen Perspective, is to be a new written venue that introduces, explores, manifest and attaches rightful meaning to the lives and legacies of people of mixed African and Native American bloodlines. This largely ignored population of people has been relegated to margins of society for generations and given the name Freedmen. The TRIBAL SQUAWK will feature the writings of some the nation’s foremost Freedmen writers and bloggers. They will be sharing insight on current as well as historical events. The unique difference here is, this information will be coming from descendants of former slaves who are telling it from our perspectives as ones who are still living and feeling the results of slavery.

Tribute to Harry Island

This is a tribute to one of my favorite Freedmen heroes, Mr. Harry Island. Mr. Island was a Black Creek Native American interpreter. He was

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Golden Justice Symbol
Tribal Squawk

Speaking of Justice

An Open Letter… Mr. David W. Hill-Principal Chief, Mr. Del Beaver-Second Chief, The Muscogee Creek Indian Nation and To whom it May Concern Speaking of

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