of Kansas City

D.F.A.K.C. pronouced as "da Facts"
We set out to present the facts (DFAKC)



Promoting Awareness, Education and Acceptance of people with mixed African and Native American ancestry, a.k.a. Indian Freedmen and their descendants.

The impetus that was the start of D.F.A.K.C. was a meeting that took place September 26, 2015. The featured facilitators were members of the Muscogee Creek Indian Freedmen Band. This meeting was followed up on October 24th of the same year with an organizational meeting that planted the roots for the Kansas City group.


Since then, the group has been working to promote its presence and platform in the region. Guided by the mission of awareness and education, DFAKC became incorporated as a non profit and has attained 501(c)(3) designation. It continues to reach out to KC area residents in Missouri and Kansas and to identify methods by which this rich ancestry can be researched. Numerous collaborations have been formed regionally and nationally which continue to grow. The Kansas City group is the only place in the nation which has restored an annual observation/celebration of the 1866 Treaty Signing Event. The Emancipation Proclamation could not free the Black people held in slavery by the sovereign Indian nations. The 1866 Treaty signing did accomplish that.