of Kansas City

D.F.A.K.C. pronouced as "da Facts"
We set out to present the facts (DFAKC)

About Us

The DESCENDANT FREEDMEN ALLIANCE OF KANSAS CITY (D.F.A.K.C.) is a non-profit, 501c3 organization that got its start in 2015. The organization headed by Executive Director Kenneth R. Ford, is dedicated to the wellbeing, support and organization of Indian Freedmen descendants. We collaborate with Freedmen from all five of the Civilized Tribes Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, Creek and Seminole.

We operate in support of and adherence to the guidelines of the 1866 Treaty(s). We, as an organization, seek to acknowledge and celebrate the treaty signing on an annual basis whenever possible.

We intend to uphold our mission through education about Freedmen history and assisting Freedmen descendants learn about researching their history. Our ultimate main two goals are:
    (1) encouraging Freedmen descendants to learn their family histories well enough to share the stories and
    (2) re-enlistment in the tribes which our ancestors were enslaved, lived and supported.