The proposed Court case decision in the case of Rhonda Grayson and Jeff Kennedy vs the Creek Nation on December 1st, 2022, took a no-decision turn. Arguments and presentations presented by both sides seemed to bring up more questions. The questions, in fairness to both sides, the Judge determined should be further investigated.

The case attracted a robust group of Freedmen supporters locally and nationally many of who were representing other tribal affiliations. Also, a notable turnout of law enforcement was observed.

I personally drove to Tulsa for the event. I arrived on Wednesday and attended the very spirited rally that was held the night before at the Greenwood Cultural Center. The rally featured talks and testimonies from Freedmen activists, the plaintiffs, Rhonda Grayson and Jeff Kennedy, Atty. Solomon-Simmons, former State Legislator Jabar Shumate and culminated with words for Roland Martin as his crew taped the event for airing later.

The court hearing the next morning took place on a chilled Thursday morning. Only a limited number of Freedmen would be allowed inside to view the proceedings and I was fortunate enough to have my name on the list. Others had to endure the cool weather conditions.

It appears that it will be in the spring (probably in April) when a new date is set either for a decision or a trial.

Kenneth R. Ford, DFAKC