After much anguish we regret to inform everyone of the decision to cancel the 1866 Treaty Signing observance for 2021. The event had been planned for August 21, 2021 and had been planned for the vacant lot located across the street south of the Sarah Rector Mansion on 12th and Garfield St. In view of the resurgence of the covid 19 virus and the many variants on the rise, DFAKC does not desire to be a part of the problem. As important as it is to recognize and celebrate the 1866 treaty and all it means, it has been determined that utilizing some self discipline and common sense should over ride wordly desires and emotions.

It is this writer’s opinion that America is filled with a bunch of spoiled brats who have tantrums when told to do something for their benefit. Simply because they don’t want to be told what to do. The state of privileged arrogance, greed and lack of self control has crossed most color lines and settled deep into the mindset of many nations and nationalities. So many of the deaths, sufferings and after effects could have been prevented. The opportunity was there to remain shut down for an extra 6-8 months and allow the virus to be annihilated and to die. Anything that is dead cannot morph or evolve. But any living thing that is allowed to live, will continue to evolve and grow stronger and more complex. That’s what we’ve allowed the covid-19 to do, stay alive. And now it’s changing and growing into variants that science will be hard taxed to figure out and stay ahead of.

I’m afraid that before the 2021 football season is half completed, we will be in another total shut down, and this will be worse than the first. Historically, most plagues and epidemics last at least 3 years. Never before has mankind been able to ‘rush’ it through. With the technology and the scientific progress we’ve been blessed with, we were in position to beat this pandemic early on. But because we couldn’t discipline ourselves and allowed economic concerns to out weigh healthy wellbeing, we rushed back and now we have variants that may soon be out of control if we don’t buckle down. Back in yesteryears when diseases and maladys spread, common sense told most people to cover your mouth and nose. Why is this even an issue in today’s “educated and advanced” society? Are we thinking of ourselves too much instead of thinking much of ourselves.

At any rate the 1866 Treaty event is cancelled but the fight for tribal citizenship continues in 4 of the 5 tribes. We as Freedmen must keep marching forward in pride and unity to honor the memory of our ancestors and the survival of our prosterity. Mvto.